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The Most Used Web Programming Language

The Most Used Web Programming Language

Author: Vyom

PHP is now considered to be the most popular web programming language. The biggest advantage is that, it is an open source platform. This helps in reducing cost and time for any web developing organization.

Are you craving to build a website or a web based application that will not only give you a user friendly experience but also manage your database? Hyper Text Pre-processor or PHP is considered to be one of the best web programming languages and is widely preferred since its inception in 1995. This is the perfect choice of program if the client wants the project to be integrated with a database. The best part of PHP is that it is an open source web development framework. It has all built-in enhancements that make it a complete web application developing program for any requirement. PHP gains the winning edge over its competitors such as .Net and java which are also giants in the web development industry.

Today, most of the companies prefer a dynamic web site where the content can be modified and updated periodically. The web world was lacking such sites. This seemed to be a nightmare to all programming languages and it made things worse when the client demanded an SEO friendly website. The birth of PHP as a dynamic web programming language ended the issue of a website being static all the time. Each version that was released increased the performance and security of the internet programming language.

Features of PHP Development

PHP reduces the lines of code drastically. This helps the quality assurance team when the testing process is done.

The applications are safe and secure like never before.

The websites built using PHP increase performance and promises to be reliable and user friendly.

PHP being an open source language is a huge advantage. This reduces cost and time to build an application or a website.

Websites built using PHP not only helps the developers, but also the owners. The site is easy to maintain and further enhancements can be implemented since the language PHP uses is of international standards.

Website owners who have developed their websites using PHP can boast of a trouble free, search engine friendly website and can develop multi featured web based applications.

Most of the companies hire PHP programmers since they work on a project basis and get their projects done at the appropriate time. Web developer for hire is the way to go if you want to stay away from problems such as managing employers, spending time to get resources and studying about the latest technologies.

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Learn PHP for FREE

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Learn PHP for FREE

Author: websitedzyn

So you want to teach yourself how to program using PHP scripting and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive books to learn the basics. Well, you are in luck! There are a lot of resources on the World Wide Web to help you develop dynamic web sites just as does in New Port Richey Florida. Not all sources will cover all of the aspects of the subject equally. As a result, you will need to use more than one source to provide yourself with a well rounded introduction to PHP scripting. This article will assist you in focusing on some of the best free online sources for PHP e-learning. Let’s dig in and take a look at some of those sites.
The first site that comes to mind, and possibly one of the first you will find is W3Schools content is developed and supported by a Norwegian software development and consulting company called Refsnes Data. Their mission is to develop easy to understand online tutorials based on the W3C Web standards. W3schools covers nearly every aspect of web development you may want to learn about; server side/client side scripting, html, css among others are well represented. In addition to the tutorials, they also provide certification in the different areas allowing you to demonstrate proficiency in your chosen area. The PHP tutorial is structured into well defined groups aligned by level of proficiency. Starting with the basics, W3schools walks you through learning the scripting language syntax and programming concepts, progressing through advanced topics, database programming, XML and AJAX. In general, each chapter for the PHP tutorial is well covered, giving easily understood examples to demonstrate the lessons. One area that could use a little more attention is the chapter on working with files. If not programmed properly, it is easy to do considerable damage with improper coding. This site should be your first stop in your quest for PHP knowledge, being one of the most comprehensive and easy to follow tutorials sites on the web.
Another site that will be ranking high in your tutorial search is Again, as with W3schools, tizag covers several areas of web programming such as Javascript, Perl, Ajax, ASP and others. While not as comprehensive and as well categorized by areas of difficulty as W3schools, it is still an excellent complement to the tutorials at W3schools. One exception is the chapter on file handling, (noted above as a weak area for W3schools). Tizag covers the aspects of file handling very well, and highlights the areas where you need to be cautious with this area of PHP programming. Unlike W3schools, tizag does not provide the student with a means to certify your knowledge of PHP if so desired. As you work through the W3schools tutorials, make sure that you visit the similar topic on tizag as you may find a more approachable method, or additional supporting information to round out your learning exercise.
Finally, in a league of its own, is the end all, be all function reference for PHP. The official PHP site is not a beginners tool and may not be as tutorial centric as the previously mentioned sites, but it is the authority. The documentation section will provide a complete guide to all things PHP. While not always as approachable as the first two websites, the site will most certainly have information on any question you may have and a complete up-to-date listing of recent PHP changes, features, security issues and function references. As you advance in your learning of PHP scripting, will become your go to source. Additionally, make sure you check the “getting help” page for additional resources outside of the site such as user groups, training and examples of code.
One final note: None of these sites will provide you with a complete guide to installing PHP, a local server such as Apache and MySQL. Look for sites such as for combined installation packages such as WAMP or XAMPP to make setting up PHP and the other necessary supporting software an easier task. a Tampa web design company uses these resources to assist in the development of the websites it creates for their clients. Reference these free information sites and you will always maintain current standards for your coding. Good luck and good coding.

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Nissan Leaf- The Electric Car

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Nissan Leaf- The Electric Car

Author: Nissan Leaf

Electric cars were once only the notions of science fiction fantasy and imaginative cartoons. Remember the Jetsons? Well, we  have not exactly reached that level of mass air-car mobility, but with electronic cars we are getting closer every day.
Electric cars only trickled onto the market in the 1990’s. I can still remember when stars like Ed Begley Jr. started promoting  electric cars. I thought that this was something that would just be another Hollywood trend. Not so. It seems that the charge of  the environmentalists have stuck a nerve and a slew of environment friendly electronic cars are popping up. Some are hybrids  and some are 100% electronic cars like the 2011 World Car of the Year award winning Nissan Leaf™.
The Nissan Leaf is a beautiful electric car that has made leaps and bounds above the rest on the market today. Besides being  announced the 2011 World Car of the Year, it has electric car features that have proven to be the most desirable for all  conscientious environmentalists, seeking personal transportation that is environment friendly.
• Absolutely no ozone layer shattering tailpipe emissions
• Does not use gas
• Quiet
Add these features to the unique style, and comfort of the new Nissan Leaf and a new level of modern vehicle is achieved.  Some of the features of the 2011 Nissan Leaf are:
• Electric powered steering
• Recycled interior fabrics
• Push button ignition
• 100 miles on one full charge
• And much more

The Nissan Leaf is the leader in electric cars worldwide today.
Electric cars are the wave of the future
Our planet’s dwindling oil supply coupled with the diminishing health of the planet and consistent health concerns of humans,  plants, and animals has left car developers with a window to become greener out of necessity.
Gasoline emissions directly affect our health, our food supply, and the food supply of the earth: our shelter. Without real  solutions to these issues, we will loose all of these and eventually cease to exist. This is a fact. Every little thing that we can do  to overcome this fate is needed. A huge issue has been the large footprint gasoline emissions have left on the planet. The  introduction of electronic cars will help to alleviate this strain on our environment. Electric cars are simply cleaner and more  environment friendly.
So in your effort to go green you should choose an electronic car for your personal mode of transportation. And that car should  be the new Nissan Leaf.
The author is an electric car fanatic. He works at "Nissan Of St Charles" one of the  Nissan Dealers in Chicago

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Tips for improving Battery life of Android devices

Tips for improving Battery life of Android devices

Author: jakson0100

Nowadays, a lot of people uses Android Smartphones because of its brilliant display, impressive cameras, super quick processor and most importantly – it lets you connect with your friends on social media site at all the time.

Android is the most popular and mostly used mobiles operating system around the world and the importance of android is increasing day by day. if you are a owner of any android smartphone than one problem is common and that is “Low Batter life of the device“. it happens with every single user of smartphone so not a new thing. in morning you have fully charged your devices and by coming to afternoon you noticed that hardly 20%-15% battery is remaining and that’s very annoying.

So i will explain you and provide you some basic and advance tips to improve the performance of battery life, so without talking much more about it lets straight away go to the main topic and discuss the various ways through which you can improve/increase the battery life of your android device.

Test your Battery:

Testing how long your phone’s battery can last is very useful in determining whether the changes you’re making are indeed improving the matter, or making it even worse! Battery Graph (free, on the Market) is a great application for this.

To see what’s using your battery the most, go to Settings > About Phone > Battery.

Reduce Brightness of your Phone:

You love your smartphone for its large and colorful display, but its the battery’s mortal enemy. More than any app or feature, the display consumes a lot of battery and even more when you’re browsing the web or watching a video.

So, the first step to increase the battery life of your android smartphone is to reduce its screen brightness from display settings.

Power Saving Mode :

It’s always recommended to use power saving mode because this feature provides some excellent result in terms of increasing battery life. you can activate it by going to Settings >> Display >> Power Saving Mode >> Check it.

Update Your Apps:

Applications often get updated to use less battery power; you should make sure your apps are up to date. Even if you selected "update automatically," some apps require that you manually install updates. Check for app updates in the Market app by hitting the menu key and going to My Apps.


What about wasting energy on an over-light screen, when you’re not looking at it? It’s definitely energy wasted! Go to Settings > Display > Screen timeout to change the interval before timeout of your screen; you may need to try out a few different times to find one that is suits you.

Adjust Widgets:

Adjust your widgets. Having access to your Facebook and Twitter account on your phone is great. But because they automatically update themselves in intervals, your battery can drain out. Do you really need to know that your friend had Macaroni and Cheese for lunch?

You can adjust widget update times by going to the settings menu of the app. Once there, hit the menu button> Settings> Notifications / Widget Update Interval. You can set the interval to a minimum of 30 minutes so you don’t take up a lot of battery on updates. This is enough time for you to start missing what your friends’ updates are.

Disable Vibration:

You don’t want to miss your important calls so you enable your phone to vibrate. But unfortunately, vibrating uses much more power than playing a ringtone.

So, if you want to save a bit more battery juice start using loud ringtone rather than vibrating.

Turn hardware features off:

It's great that today's phones have GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, but do you really need all three activated 24 hours per day? Android keeps location-based apps resident in the background. The constant drain on the battery will become noticeable, fast. If you have a Sprint 4G smartphone, you can turn off 4G mode separately—a good thing, since WiMAX consumes extra power but has yet to blanket the country. On AT&T and T-Mobile phones, you can even turn 3G off when you don't need speedy Internet access. If your phone has a Power Control widget, you can use it to quickly turn on/off GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Install Power Saver App:

Head on to Android market and install power saver apps like JuiceDefender, which can help you extend the battery working life. The app comes with a battery consumption list of real-time running items and its very simple and interactive.

Finally, even after following these tips your Android smartphone requires at least one charge per 24-hour period – then perhaps you’r spending too much time on your smartphone.

Connectivity :

Android has lots of connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Data Network, Bluetooth, GPRS and GPS. so due to high usage of this the battery gets drained. so its batter that you toggle off this option when its not required. also in Data Network select 2G instead of 3G. and when the its not required tunr it off. is a platform where you can get the latest knowledge about Motorola Atrix, Motorola Xoom, Motorola Droid and all Motorola Devices.

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How to Construct an iPhone App

How to Construct an iPhone App

Author: geraldtudo81

Do you actually want to build an iPhone app?This may sound like a daft question at 1st. But I want to make confident that you have entirely explored your target audience and regarded as whether it would be far more suitable to start an app on the Blackberry or Android platform.If you have your brain set on an iPhone app, then I urge you to also consider what happens when it is a achievement? Yes, I am assuming that your iPhone application will be a good results since they are growing so quickly. Will the company you use be in a position to launch a similar app on the other platforms so as not to alienate shoppers? Will you select to merge your iPhone app with maybe a mobile site that would enable all other smartphone consumers to access your material?Lookup out the iPhone apps you like!I have managed many internet site and iPhone application tasks and one particular of the blunders I frequently appear across is managers that are too reliant on the designers.I advise that as component of your first short you really glimpse into all the diverse varieties of iPhone apps that are inside your marketplace. If there are no iPhone apps then merely appear at what you like. Consider why 1 flows better than an additional, what aspects frustrate you and what concepts could you use to create your iPhone app.Understanding Apple Connect for your iPhone SoftwareApple Connect is a web site used by your iPhone software developer. It is basically a site that holds the particulars of your app and is employed to deliver your iPhone app binary code to Apple for them to approve... if you are lucky (I'll get to that in a minute)It is also the area where anything you see on iTunes is managed. So individuals display shots you see for each app, you guessed it, they are uploaded by means of connect. You could want to go through connect with your iPhone app developer just to get utilised to what you can and can't do.Pricing your iPhone ApplicationApple operates a tiered pricing framework so all you have to do is pick a pricing tier from one-10 to set your price around the entire world i.e if it is 59p in the UK then it will immediately be 99 cents in the US. Yet again, you can access this with your iPhone developer by traveling to Apple Connect.Planning your iPhone app layoutBespoke apps will be considerably less expensive if you do the ground function. By this I imply operate out specifically what you want and generate a 'work flow' diagram. Generally start off with a blank photo of an iPhone and sketch in your iPhone app splash display and homepage. Operate out what buttons will go along the bottom of your iPhone app to produce the menu - you can have five buttons.Subsequent, utilizing tons of blank iPhone pictures, create a hierarchical structure of your iPhone software. By undertaking this, you can actually present your designer how you want it all to function i.e. click right here and it exhibits this display or searches this item. Don't be troubled also much about no matter whether it is technically achievable as your iPhone app designer will without doubt advise some possibilities for development. As soon as the iPhone app workflow is total then you and your designer know specifically how the app need to operate.Bespoke iPhone Apps V's On-line App BuildersOnly about twelve months ago, if you desired to build an iPhone app then you had to appear for a bespoke solution. Today factors are rapidly modifying and there are a number of US primarily based firms and one UK organization presenting a construct your app on-line services.The elementary big difference between bespoke iPhone application growth and on-line app builders is cost and flexibility. So it all comes down to 'what do you want your iPhone app to do?' and how significantly do you want to pay out?With bespoke iPhone applications you actually can develop just about something and there are organizations or folks very skilled in this location. So inquire your self what you are making an attempt to attain. Is it brand constructing by way of clever entertainment or are you making an attempt to get content material to your consumers in buy to a) interact with them and construct your brand or b) help them via to the closing purchase of your product or service or services?Think back again a number of many years to the use of flash in internet site style. I was lucky sufficient to be aspect of a web site pitch to Disney and guess what we went above the leading with flash. Incidentally we won the contract, even so soon there have been complete flash websites just about everywhere. These days it is very significantly a diverse story, for most websites the amount one particular goal is to get material across rapidly and effectively and in a way that customers are employed to, so for illustration, possessing the menu on the best or the left hand facet of your webpage. Flash is now used predominantly in other areas to include to the all round consumer expertise.So for what may possibly be classed as 'utility iPhone apps' stick to the policies and constantly assume about the content material you are trying to provide.Online iPhone App BuilderThe major factor that you require to consider when using an online app builder is will it supply what your customer requirements? Can an on the internet iPhone app builder offer your client everything that they demand without you having to shell out anywhere between £3000 and £20000 plus, building a bespoke iPhone application!Most on the internet app builders let you attempt them for free for possibly a set time or till you publish your app.iPhone App Download RestraintsYour iPhone application desires to be much less than 10mb's if you want customers to be in a position to download it from their telephone by means of a standard connection i.e. not wi-fi.If you are creating an iPhone game application of sorts then you are probable to go more than this limit, nonetheless for an iPhone business application, then ideally try out to retain it beneath 10mb'siPhone MaterialIf you study only 1 piece of text in this whole document, make confident you go through this following part which seems at iPhone app content and the relevance it has in finding your iPhone software signed off by Apple.When you set about constructing your iPhone application the 1st point you will need to realise is that material is essential. Let us consider entertainment and video games out of the equation for a moment simply because by their really nature they are highly probably to get signed off. So let us concentrate on developing a utility or company iPhone software.What ever you do, do not develop it just because every person else is. Create it with your buyer in thoughts. Do your consumers by now view your merchandise on the web, are they interested in your news, do they visit your web site to access content that is not obtainable elsewhere, can you help your clients with a difficulty, do you want to discover out what your buyers assume? These are just some of the inquiries you ought to take into account when building your iPhone software.Like any marketing or communication tool...building an iPhone application only functions as an amusement gimmick on rare occasions. For 99% of us, it has to serve a true function.What we do know nonetheless is that your customers want data, news, merchandise or promotions in the palm of their hand and with an iPhone app you have the excellent advertising and marketing device from them to access your material and interact with your company.The Expense to construct an iPhone ApplicationA bespoke app can expense everywhere from £3000 to £20000 upwards. The price of bespoke iPhone software development is lowering as much more and far more as iPhone application developers enter the industry.Creating an iPhone app on the internet costs everywhere from between $10 -$one hundred per month rental in the US an about £45 per month in the UK.Submitting your iPhone AppWhen your iPhone app is submitted to Apple for approval you can assume to hear whether or not it has been approved or rejected right after 1 or 2 weeks. If it has been rejected than Apple will give you some indication as to what desires to be enhanced prior to you can submit your app once more.You will have to function with your developer to asses and repair the issue.I desire that you find some of the information valuable and very good luck.
iphone app

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Customize Your iPhone Ringtones to Personalize Your Phone

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Customize Your iPhone Ringtones to Personalize Your Phone

Author: Arun Kumar

A delight for tech-savvies of the planet, iPhone integrates numerous features which allow an iPhone user to enjoy the best of fun gadgetry just with the touch of finger. An iPhone not only lets a user roam around the world using Google Earth on it but also offers a facility to customize ringtones. iPhone users can easily avail a customized ringtone through iTunes. This online digital media store presents an extensive list that includes more than half million tracks. But if you are looking for something truly original, you may contact companies, which are dealing with iPhone mobile application development .

Providing a great deal to users, these companies are developing new tools for native and web-based iPhone applications. The tools provided by these iPhone applications development companies help users in creating their own ringtones easily. Either you can choose from the list provided by them or you may download your favorite song to create your own thirty seconds long customized ringtone using the avant-garde tool provided by these companies. This will not only be creative but also lucrative as these companies do not charge more.

Apart from using the facility of iTunes stores and services offered by iPhone open application development companies, you may customize your iPhone ringtone using many more ways. A number of sites offer the facility of unlimited iPhone ringtone download, which can be availed by paying one time subscription charge.

Ringtone customization is the new trend among gadget buffs of the planet. If you too want to make your iPhone personalized, go and get the latest ringtones. Available in a very low price range, these latest ringtones will provide you the opportunity of staying ahead in the gizmo race in style and most significantly, it will also allow you to make your favorite song your signature.

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How To Create Your Own Apps

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How To Create Your Own Apps

Author: Raisa Sanchez

How to create your own Iphone and ipad app is a guide and intructor tool on how to create an app. This is a great opportunity for you with an instructor to guide you , you will learn 4 different ways to create your own apps, how to outsource your app if you don't want to build yourself and you will learn to upload and submit your app to apple review. These are just a few of the great thing you can learn and apply in making your own app. .
How to create your own app
Have you ever dreamed of creating your own apps? Do you have that great idea to create you own apps. Well your dream can come to a reality right now. Everyone wants to create their own apps,yet not everyone knows how to write the code necessary to create them. The good news is there is alot of information to help you create your own app without knowing programing or scripting.

Things to help you get started:

1. Find out what the best developers do and mimic their techniques, use those secrets and you will become successful. Don't try to start from zero. Use what is already working! Don't use all your efforts on useless things that takes up your time but never brings results.

2. You might say, " I don't have any programing skills", But if you can operate your iPhone and basic computer software - that is a great start. You can start creating your own app or game today and making money with it tomorrow.

3. You might have the great Idea but you don't know how to create it . Well believe it or not there is an app for that! All you have to do is submit your app ideas and the company will build it into app for you.

4. There are also app builder services which have pre-defined collections of app settings which include gadgets, icons, and behavioral elements.

5. There are kits for a wide range of industries. You use the kits to get you started in building your app and then add or remove gadgets as needed.

6. Want a tutor? Tutorials are available to help you get going. They will guide you and show you step by step.

7. One of the most important steps after you create your apps is How to market your iphone and ipad apps and game to finally make money by selling it in the App Store.

Do you remember when your friend was so excited about the new iphone apps? Do you remember when the new created apps was selling everywhere. What about the time when a new idea for an app came out and you thought: "I could have done that" and you can. You hear stories every day of people who make iPhone apps and make thousands of dollars a day. Millions of people have an iPhone these days, so if you have the right idea, you can earn money too, just by creating your own apps. Are you interested in selling and creating your own apps or have ideas for multiple great iPhone and iPad apps? Then get started today. With just a few steps to success you can create you own apps.

You might have the great Idea but you don't know how to create it . Submit your idea. Remember there are kits you can use to get you started in building your app and then add or remove gadgets as needed. After creating your own app, you can then publish it to the iTunes App Store.

*First you create your own apps and game,
**Second you sell your apps to AppStore
***Third you make money.

Are you ready? Get Started today in creating your own apps. Go to this site for more information:

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Develop An iPhone App Easily

Develop An iPhone App Easily

Author: danielperry

Nowadays, everywhere you turn, there is "iphone this" and "iphone that", or "this app" and "that app". The introduction and evolution of the iPhone led to greater participation by the public as more and more people wanted to share their ideas. The only problem is that not everyone knows the technical intricacies of developing software. But do not lose heart. There is no reason why you couldn't learn how to develop an iphone app.

In order to get started with the development of an iphone app, first you need an idea. Do not settle on just any idea; it should be a solid and very good idea that can actually lead to something interesting. It's all right to look further down the road. Will it be useful? Will it solve a specific problem? Is it capable of solving a unique and usually hard-to-solve problem? If it is not for that purpose, is it entertaining?

While everyone wants to think that their idea is original, there are times when the idea for an app is actually an enhancement or an improvement of an already existing app. If that is the case, are you sure that the enhancements are so significant and can actually be referred to as legit upgrades of the existing app?

After you've had a concrete idea for the application in place, you should then assess your resources. Are you in possession of the necessary tools required in developing an iphone app? Make two lists: what you need, and what you have. If you don't have a clear idea what you will be needing, there are many sites you could refer to that will guide you on how to develop an iphone app with the requisite materials. You can then start looking for the stuff that you don't have.

Learning how to develop an iphone app does not rely on the material or tangible resources alone. What you should do is perform a self-assessment. Look at the skill set and talents that you can make use of. What could you possibly have, or know, that can be contributory to developing the iphone application? Cross-check your personal list of skills with the required skills in software development. You can probably contribute to the overall look or design of the app if you know something about graphics and other technical information. If you find that your skills are limited to marketing and research, you might need to look for the appropriate people to take care of the technical and design side of things.

If you are going about how to develop an iphone app, you will find that conducting market research is an integral part of the whole process. It will give you a clearer picture of the whole thing, especially what works and what doesn't. You will find that you'll be saving yourself a lot of trouble if you make use of the data you were able to gather along the way. An understanding of the IPhone and its interface is vital if you hope to make your iPhone app actually work in the end. Get a feel of the lay of the land, in other words, since the apps will be used in the iphones themselves.

The end users of your iphone app should be clearly identified. If you know who will use them, you will know how to properly make the app work for them. When you've done that, you can then sketch your idea. The sketch will be used in the actual design and programming stage.

An idea and a well-thought out plan will bring you really far in your app development. You can be assured of having an iphone app that will bring you ' and end users ' much satisfaction.

Mappsolutely is without a doubt a foremost Software Development enterprise. So that you can learn more regarding mobile application development, go to

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Put Your Cell Phone To Work- How to Make Money Selling News Stories

Put Your Cell Phone To Work- How to Make Money Selling News Stories

Author: Bruce Clemens

Abe Zapruder changed the world with an 8 mm movie camera in Dallas on November 23rd, 1963. In 1991 George Holliday made history with a video recorder when police stopped Rodney King across the street. His tape introduced us all to the power of citizen reporting.

Today almost everyone has a video camera with them 24/7, with much higher quality than Zapruder's grainy 8 mm film or Holliday's analog video tape. Want to change the world? Or maybe just make some good money? Here's how to be a news stringer or videographer and turn your cell phone camera into an ongoing source of cash.

You have a much better chance hitting it big with your camera than you do playing the lottery. Think about all the random events you come across in the course of your week that might generate interest with news organizations. Traffic accidents; fires and other emergency responses; arrests at traffic stops; strikes and protests, on and on. Most people gawk and walk, never thinking to pull out their phone and record video. If you get in the habit of stopping to record the incident, you just might end up with a product the local TV channel will want to put on the 10 o'clock news. And they'll pay you for it. But if it doesn't pan out, it costs you nothing but some time.

Here are a few pointers:

Practice. Get started now practicing with your camera so you can confidently and quickly get it out and begin recording when you need it. Make sure you get nice smooth video of what you are shooting. You can practice by recording your kids playing, your pets, or friends. Make sure you are familiar with all settings or features of your camera so you can get good clear images and good audio in any lighting conditions.

Narrate. There's nothing more frustrating to the viewer (and the potential buyer) than seeing a video of a once in a lifetime event and hearing the person filming saying nothing but "Oh my God" over and over again. Get in the habit of clearly and calmly describing what you are shooting as you shoot it. Point out things that may not be easy to see on the recording and give simple background or context as you shoot. For example if you just pulled up on a house fire you might start with the date, time and location and begin describing what you are seeing, adding any smells, sounds or sensations that would not necessarily be evident on the video. If you sell your video and the buyer wants to do their own narration, they can simply eliminate the audio themselves. But many may appreciate the additional information a clear, well done narration would provide.Interview.

Ask questions of bystanders, and even of principles if possible. But keep in mind If you do this it takes you beyond the level of a random bystander and you become a journalist. Make sure they are willing to state their full name clearly and be sure to get the correct spelling, and let them know you are videoing them with the potential of providing the recording to news organizations. If they are reluctant, do not record them. But if they are willing, you may get great additional footage that lends insight and context to the event.

Imagine going up to someone who was just placed in the back of a squad car and asking them why they were arrested- and getting a video confession! It takes guts, but it has happened!

Once you have your video there are a couple things you need to do-

First, remember, time is of the essence. You can't sell yesterday's news. Immediately contact your local TV news station and ask to speak to someone on the assignment desk. This would be the person who determines what is included in the news broadcast and when it is aired. Let them know you have good video of a local news story and see if they are interested. Your video will be especially valuable if a news crew showed up to the same situation AFTER you got your scoop.

Secondly, DO NOT release your video anywhere else. Do not upload it to You Tube. It may be great and it may attract tons of views, but no one is going to buy it from you once it's gone viral.

Third, if it's something that can potentially wait a few days, keep a copy of your raw video separate, and begin to edit another copy for sound, clarity and content. It is possible to sell a good polished edited version of a story that is not time sensitive. You can use Windows Movie Maker to edit the video and work with the audio separately in Audacity (a powerful free audio development application). If you can't make a deal, then at least you can then put it up on You Tube as part of a quality portfolio to help you build credibility in this market niche.

Finally, if you get an offer, take it! I know there are lots of complications that you read about with regard to local network affiliates buying rights cheap and then the story goes national…and you could have made thousands if you had held out…but frankly- no. You're not there yet. Sell all you can and make more. There's always tomorrow and there will always be more opportunities.

As you develop a reputation with your local media as someone who can provide quality video and audio of breaking stories in a timely manner, you will soon see opportunities open. You might be able to land a contract as a real "stringer"; a contractor who is the go-to person when something big happens in your community.

The resources available to you in your humble smart phone are too valuable to ignore. It won't take long before you can become an expert stringer or videographer selling local news to the highest bidder!


Bruce Clemens is a college professor specializing in jobs readiness and online marketing. His web site about online jobs offers lots of resources to develop an online income quickly and efficiently. Sign up there and instantly download Bruce's important eBook that gives lots of work at home starters free.

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Programming Tutorial: Android Development; Andengine

Programming Tutorial: Android Development; Andengine

Finally I've been able to check out the Game programming for Android. I've found several Android game programming tutorials out there, but none of them were really exciting or user friendly. However, I was able to find an open source game engine which makes the life of a programmer a lot easier when it comes to game programming for the Android platform.


Android Phones

The Andengine is an open source, free game engine strictly aimed at the Android platform. It offers Physics such as gravity or collision checks to the developer. It's based on OpenGL and offers a lot of functions which make the life of a game developer a lot easier. The advantages of this game engine are that you don't need to mess around with OpenGL directly when programming games for Android. You get some easy to use and fancy classes, so you can develop fast and efficient games in no time! Also this game engine is being developed on right now, so it's not like a game engine which is dead and has a low user base. It's very wide spread and there are a lot of apps out there on the Android Market (obviously games) which were programming using the AndEngine. However, there is one problem with this game engine, which will probably scare away a lot of users; the documentation. The game engine might be coded fine and you can view the source code, but there is no or low documentation. There are examples out there for basically anything your game developer heart desires, also there is a community that will be glad to help you out, but there is no Javadoc for example, which is a badly wound for the AndEngine. However, it's open source and free, so you can't expect more, it's just great!

My own experiences with the Andengine

To be honest I haven't had that much experience with the AndEngine. I have just been playing around for a while now with the examples out there and I will soon post some game tutorials in the near future on this blog, so you can get a feeling for the AndEngine. However, it seems that stuff which should be very easy to do, such as loading a picture into the memory, is not that easy using the AndEngine. Let me put it in another way, it is easy and user friendly, but it's not very intuitive, you will need to get a feeling for the AndEngine first, if you have been programming with other Game development kits or engines, it has it's own special approach. However, the code is very readable and well maintainable. Also the source is very well written and basically anybody with some Java and Android knowledge will be able to understand the source code more or less.

Article Source: Articlealley, Addison Brian

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Three Popular Safety Apps for Android Users

Three Popular Safety Apps for Android Users

Author: Soumen

Safety is a major concern for your Smartphone. First of all you store loads of very important data in it, and you definitely don't want the data to fall in the hands of a wrong person. Secondly, why to invest your hard earned bucks on replacing your phone. Moreover, replacing the phone means you have to re-enter all your data into the new phone wasting your time & energy. Here we will talk about the top three apps to keep your phone safe.Your Android Phone Store


This app has a number of security features; e.g. anti-virus, a firewall, and intrusion prevention. This does not bog down the phone. Lookout out helps you if the phone is lost or stolen too. You can simply log into the web interface from any computer and track it down. You just have to click the 'locate' button and it will spot the location of your phone on a map. Moreover, it can also get a backup of all your personal data, including contacts, e-mail, photos, video, and text messages.


It's another great security app for your Android phone. It resembles Lookout. WaveSecure can also locate the phone on a map and allow you to take the back of data using web logging in. You can lock the phone too and can set message and alarms. The unique feature of WebSecure is that you can remotely wipe out all the data after taking a back up, from your phone to prevent the misuse.


Protector is quite different from the previous 2 apps. Protector allows you to protect any app or any feature in your android phone with password. It allows you to protect your SMS, Gmail, e-mail, the settings of the handset, Photos, Calendar, Notepad, Chat.

The beauty of this Android security app is that you can even protect just a particular feature of the app if you want to. The apps won't damage. Even if you use a task manager, it won't disturb the protection of the apps. If you wish to uninstall the Protector app, you just need the pin code to do so. But there is no pin recovery system. So if you forget your pin you will land up into a mess.

The safety of the Smartphone is a big concern. Android application developers have come a long way to offer safety apps to its users.

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Free Android Sports Apps

Free Android Sports Apps

The best free Android sports apps cover nearly every sport imaginable- and do it quite well. Most of these free Android sports apps are mainly for scores and news relating to a specific sport. However, some are more broad and cover all the sports- or at least most of them. Even some yet are more interactive than a standard news app.  
 Your Android Store             Your IPhone Store

The amount of variety in both functionality and the sports covered in these sports apps is quite amazing. Many of the most popular free apps are developed by the major sports news outlets in the world. These apps are very well built and the majority of them cover many different sports. For the non-fanatical sports fans, this type of app is likely all they would care to download and use. That's great. For even the absolute "crazy" fans, one or two of these general sports apps should be part of their app collection.

Sky Sports News Widget Review:

Sometimes it’s a bit of a nightmare loading up a full website. Like when you are on the morning commute and the 3G signal dips in and out faster than Usain Bolt. Great then that this takes all of the information from Sky Sports and stuffs it into an app which isn’t the prettiest thing to look at, it but it is one of the more functional.

The app acts like a ticker-tape of sporting news. There’s no images, just plain headlines and a bit of blurb underneath.

Unfortunately, if you want to dig a little deeper into the stories, you will be transported to a mobile formatted version of the Sky Sports story – courtesy of Google.

Another slightly annoying thing is the constant presence of an ad at the bottom of the screen. It’s not too distracting but when there isn’t much real estate on the page, it does eat into the app.

As this isn’t an official feed we can forgive this app but as there’s hardly any other functionality you will only come to this widget for the main sports headlines and not much else.

FOX News:

Introducing the first and only news application for Android from the #1 name in news, the FOX News Channel. With the FOX News Android App - receive FOX News Alerts, read headline news stories, stream the latest video clips, listen to FOX News Radio, and browse through photo galleries, all for FREE!

ESPN ScoreCenter:

ESPN ScoreCenter delivers live scores from hundreds of leagues around the world.

ESPN ScoreCenter brings you scores, news, and standings from hundreds of sports leagues around the world.

Never miss another goal, pitch, basket, try, touchdown or wicket. Whether you follow the NFL or the Premier League, the Ashes or MLB, MMA or Formula One, ScoreCenter offers the most comprehensive global sports coverage available on your Android device.

Yahoo Fantasy Football 11:

After your fantasy football draft is over, the Yahoo Fantasy Football ’11 app will help you dominate your league this season. You will have instant access to your fantasy football team no matter where you are at. The app allows for you to improve your team by picking up free agents or by letting you adjust your line-up for the week. Real time scoring is also given with this app, so you will always know the exact score of your match-up for the current week.


We were more than a little dubious when loading up SportsTapp for the first time. It wasn’t because it has a dodgy user interface (in fact it’s quite clean), or that it was hard to navigate round (there’s 11 buttons to press on the main screen which house pictures of your favourites sport) but it was that football is spelled ‘futbol’. How can you trust an app that spells football ‘futbol’? Okay, it’s better than soccer but it still grates.

Nevertheless, this is one of the best apps we have used for sport information, due to the sheer amount of news and stuff inside. Click in ‘futbol’ and you can get news from all the main leagues from around the world. There’s even stuff on golf, NFL and tennis.

It may take a while to load but once you are in, you’ll be reading it for hours. The app even gives you the times that games are set to start – a real win for any of us who have been stung by the TV stations changing kick-off time to suit their programme needs.

Soccer Scores - FotMob:

The best LIVE-coverage available. News feed, tables and much more.

Over 2 million downloads for the best soccer/football app available! In-app purchase removes ads and gives push alerts.


* Livescores with alerts

* Match stats (lineup, stats, goals, cards, penalties, missed penalties, assists and substitutions)

* Tables

* Fixtures

* News (league news and club news)

* Topscorers

* Favorite teams is a platform where you can get the latest knowledge about Motorola Atrix, Motorola Xoom, Motorola Droid and all Motorola Devices.

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Android Apps 2012 are better than 2011

Source: via Ramon on Pinterest

 Android Apps 2012 are better than 2011

Author: jakson0100

As the new year beckons, resolution time is upon the masses once more. For those who are wishing that they can keep themselves more productive in 2012, we have put together a list of apps for all those Android users (who some readers have suggested we have been neglecting) to help them keep their resolutions going all year long. We took to the reviews and looked around at the various suggestions offered around the web to find a range of apps that we hope can help cover all of your bases for staying on track.

Dropbox is fantastic because of the desktop software that accompanies it – without that automatic and seamless sync, Dropbox would just be another storage locker.9

So, it’s surprising that its Android client doesn’t have an automatic sync option. Clearly, people want one, as there are countless Dropbox sync apps available in the Market. I reviewed one such back in June 2011: Titanium Media Sync. Well, times – and my needs – have changed, and I’ve found a better app.

Dropsync differs from Titanium Media Sync, in that it offers proper two-way sync to Dropbox. The most obvious advantage here is that you can now update a synced file on your PC (e.g. edit a photo), and have it appear back on your handset. My favourite usage however, is the ability to keep a folder, say, my camera folder, in-sync between my many Android devices.

here are many Twitter apps on Android - and Twitter itself shook up the scene with the launch of its own-brand app recently - but we're sticking with Seesmic. Offering support for multiple accounts, a home page widget showing latest tweets and an incredibly slick and professional design.

ChuChu Rocket!
ChuChu Rocket! first appeared on the Sega Dreamcast way back in 1999. Its was a big hit on that platform, but unfortunately very few people actually bought the underrated consoles, and the game's popularity never spread beyond its core following of Dreamcast users.

Cell Phone Accessories

OnTheFly scours the web for the cheapest flight to a specified destination and then gives you all the information you need to book it, without giving away precious dollars to a middle man with a fake tan. You can choose flexible dates, and it will even suggest other nearby airports, in case they offer a cheaper fare.

When you find the flight you want, it gives you the contact details for the airline along with the appropriate booking codes to give the operator.

Facebook for Android
Facebook for Android is lacking in features compared to Facebook itself, but a recent update added Inbox support to the Android app, finally allowing its users to communicate in almost real time. The app's fast and stable, with a simplicity that reminds you of the old days when using Facebook used to be bearable.

Many of Fring’s features are similar to Skype, and it also allows 4-user group video chat. Video quality is, however, mediocre at best and Fring is currently only supported on mobile devices.

London Tube Status

Reduce the misery of being told you've just missed a train and it's a 14-minute wait until the next one with London Tube Status, which combines travel status updates and live departure times. It also includes a home screen widget that shows your favourite (or at least your most used) platform departures, making it easy to check how much you've just missed the next one by while tearing down the escalators.

Voxer Walkie-Talkie
Have you ever wanted to skip dialing phone numbers and waiting on hold? If your looking to turn your phone into a “push to talk” live walkie-talkie, then Voxer is the app for you.

Voxer gives your Android 2.2+ device the ability to instantly talk with your friends and family over WiFi, 3G, 4G, EDGE, etc. In addition, if you can’t talk, the voice, text, photo and location options are all seamlessly integrated into one conversation.

The app works like a real walkie-talkie. When the other person speaks, you hear it almost instantly. And if you’re not by your phone, every voice and chat message is saved for later playback. Voxer also boasts 0 advertisements and group chats. Everything is completely free and is cross-platform between iPhone and Android. Over 5 million people have downloaded the app already on Android alone. When you download Voxer, you can sync with your Facebook account to see if your friends use Voxer, and also to let them know that you now have the app.

Advanced Task Killer
While not necessarily needed for newer versions of the Android OS, some users still like having a quick and easy task manager for managing their apps and battery life. Advanced Task Killer is the one many users turn to for this added management and peace of mind.

ASTRO File Manager
ASTRO is nothing more than a Windows-style file explorer, but if you're into tinkering and directly installing Android APK files yourself, it's essential to stick something like this on your phone. It makes your phone feel like a computer, and makes you feel like you're in charge of it.

A Tegra-exclusive (see here for how to run it on your non-Tegra device), Sprinkle is a physics-based puzzler that lets every one of us fulfil our dreams of becoming a fire-fighter, albeit one that looks exclusively after blue proto-blobs.

You have to extinguish the fires before they reach the huts, using only your wits and whatever tools lay strewn across the country side. With cute sounds and graphics, it’s a good casual puzzler for a reasonable price.

Google Reader
Google has brought its RSS feed tool into the app era, launching its Google Reader for Android. It's got some great functionality built in, with support for multiple Google accounts and plenty of thread customisation options. You're also able to use the volume rocker to page up and down between messages, which is handy for extra-lazy news assimilation. is a platform where you can get the latest knowledge about Motorola Atrix, Motorola Xoom, Motorola Droid and all Motorola Devices.

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