Friday, April 26, 2013

Download Karaoke Songs That You'll Love To Sing

Sing like a superstar! Search for  your favorite singer or song then you can  start singing. It has lyrics to easily sing the songs.  Check this out get your  pick!

IPad Musical Control Apps

Wanna be a great musician, a future DJ superstar  or  famous producer one day? Watch this video and check out the musical instruments and the iPad control apps that can turn yourself the way you wanted to be.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Application To Migrate In Planet Mars Now Available

Those who wants to migrate in planet mars may apply now. One private firm is  now accepting applications for  humans who wants to live in mars without returning back on earth. Said to be  a one way ticket only.

The project is encouraging those who wish to go where no man has ever gone before to submit a video application outlining why they want to take part in the mission. Lansdorp hopes, according to a report on Venture Beat and an interview on, that these video applications will go viral and later be turned into a reality TV show, with people able to vote on their favorite candidates for the mission....

Source: AFP Relax – 16 hours ago

read more : MARS PROJECT

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

Music has that healing element which never fails to sooth an aching person. Whatever it is, it is undeniably true that people crave for music. And so, it is not equally surprising to see business establishments catering the wants of humanity. All around the world, you can see different kinds of music players flooding in the market. Among the gadgets offering techie music to the consumers, are the powerful Android-powered devices. With the Android software living in your gadget, you can always have access to an incredible number of music apps in the market. Five of the best are listed below:
1. Double Twist Player
Double Twist is currently the best music application available in the market. With this app, you can find all kinds of music you want on your Android phone. But what's more amazing is that you can synchronize your Droid with a desktop PC via Wi-Fi connection to detect music files. If you are a MAC OS user, you can use iTunes to synchronize with your Android device. The good news is that the basic functionalities of this app are available for free
2. TuneWiki
If there's a Wiki in the Internet, there's also a Wiki in the Android market. If you own an Android, you should never let go of this must-have music player because this is the only music app with lyrics and social network for music discovery. TuneWiki allows you to see song lyrics in your device while the song is being played. Moreover, this app can translate the lyrics into 40 different languages. Pretty superior, huh? With TuneWiki, you can also find and follow users to check what they are listening. Also, this app gives you the choice to search for great songs through song maps and top charts that are updated periodically.
3. PowerAmp
If you're looking for a powerful music app, then you must not forget to include PowerAmp in your list. This music app plays a number of files in your device, including MP3, FLAC, ALAC, WAV and WMA. It also comes with a 10 band equalizer which has presets and separate treble and bass adjusters, a sleep timer for pausing in between songs, and an album art finder and tag editor. Worthy to mention is that this app also allows you to browse and play songs either from specified folders on your device or from the automatically generated Android library. Lastly, PowerAmp comes with several home screen widgets for fast music control, a scrobbling which is built-in, and lock screen controls. Obviously, PowerAmp has lived by its name.
4. PlayerPro
PlayerPro allows you to browse your music by albums, artists, songs, genres, playlists and folders. With this music app, you can download, search and save lyrics in your Android device. The bonus part is that this player routinely downloads appropriate album art and artist photos, saving you a lot of time. This app also comes with mixable audio effects for devices powered by an Android platform. It has a 5-band graphic equalizer with a lot of presets, on top of other features such as stereo widening, bass boost, reverb and volume control.
5. WinAmp
Among the list, this app might have been the oldest but still, it's one of the best. WinAmp currently found its way from the huge desktop PCs to the modern Android devices. Aside from enabling you to play, manage, and sync music from your PC to your Android, the current WinAmp also offers a complete music management solution featuring a wireless desktop sync (take note that WinAmp 5.6 is required), an iTunes library import, and an access to thousands of Internet radio stations. Clearly, WinAmp has made its own music revolution to serve the modern genre.
If the above apps do not suit your needs, then you can always have a glimpse on other music player apps in the Android market. However, chances are you would still find yourself going back to this list. So far, these are the apps tried and tested as the best by Android users. When it comes to music apps, surely, you would be wading in the same boat.
Danny loves writing about the best Android tablets at his blog. You can find plenty of other Android tablet information at Android Tablet Fanatic.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Watch Arixsandra Libantino 11 Year Old Filipina Girl - Britain Got Talent 2013

An eleven yr old girl captured the heart of all  judges and the audiences in Britain Got Talent 2013. Listen to her incredible and powerful voice and witness how people reacted when she sang. Witnesss why she is especial, a  charming and truly talented filipina girl.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Launch your app at once on iPhone, Android & BlackBerry - without paying thrice.

Say, you decide to promote your new hair care product range through mobile marketing. After analyzing the demography of your target audience, you choose three major platforms for your promotion - the most popular iPhone iOS, the next-best smartphone platform Android and the C-level executives' companion BlackBerry.

You have the app concept ready and you are convinced it will surely be a commercial hit. Your mobile app development partner develops the app for you on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. You are happy with the way the app works and now its time to pay the bill. Typically, a mobile app development with modest features ranges from $3000 to $4000. So this makes your mobile app development on three platforms cost you around $9000. Now calculate how many downloads you need to breakeven. Do you see the monstrous app development bill rapidly eating into your profits? What's the way out?

Remember the good old childhood days when you got 1 candy for 2 cents and 10 for 18 cents? Some mobile app development companies have come up with a similar concept for app development on multiple platforms. OpenXcell Technolabs is one of them. The company provides best price package for mobile app development across multiple devices. It has been pioneering trends in affordable and quality mobile app development.

Continuing the same example - on choosing package for your mobile app development on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, it drops down your cost from $9000 to as low as $7000, and sometimes even lower than that. You can save about 20% more on your app development cost with such economical packages. This gives you faster breakeven and keeps the bigger chunk of profits for you to enjoy.

Professional app development companies port the app from its native platform onto other platforms whist keeping its functionality just as intended. You can trust them with porting your rich multimedia app without any loss in your users' app experience. You get perfect app porting and your customers get the same experience no matter which device they choose to use. Without loosening your purse sting much, mobile app packages allow you to reach out to teenagers on iPhone and Android, as well as the jet-setting COO right on her BlackBerry. -- OpenXcell Technolabs is a prominent provider of quality Mobile App Development services across all devices. It has also gained expertise in cross-platform app development using PhoneGap development. To know more about the company visit, Source:

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JavaScript vs jQuery: Which one is better?

The concept of web application was introduced after various development platform like php, JavaScript were involved in the web development practices. These languages provide a more interactive platform to a website and impart some additional functionality for data processing. This shifted the trend of web development from developing just a website to a more complex web application. To develop efficient web apps, two major platforms called JavaScript and jQuery have become quite popular among the developers because of the ease of development and efficiency in the app they provide.
  • JavaScript is a scripting language which is embedded into the HTML code of an application to provide a more interactive look to a website. It's a light weighted language so it doesn't hurt the performance of the application with the introduction of extra lines of code.
  • jQuery, on the other hand, is not a language, but a framework of routine modules developed in JavaScript, which can be included in the code of the application like a library. This framework reduces the overall lines of code by providing the in-built set of functions for routine tasks of an application.
However, a key point to notice here is that jQuery is an extended framework or set of libraries so it cannot exist on its own. This means that an application can be developed only with JavaScript or with JavaScript and jQuery. No application can be developed using jQuery alone since there will be no calling element for the functions of jQuery and most importantly, jQuery is neither a programming language nor a scripting language.
  • While JavaScript is light-weighted and doesn't really overload the processing and eventually the performance of the application, on the other hand using jQuery unnecessarily inside the code, increases the size of the application. The impact on performance could be low at the module level but as the size of the application increases the overall impact of the size is experienced on the performance of the app.
  • Although library files of jQuery may increase the load on the network, it simplifies the task of coding the application by reducing the number of lines of code. This minimizes the efforts of the developer in coding the routine tasks for additional features and assists them by simply including the file of the jQuery library for doing the same task with minimum amount of code. On the contrary, JavaScript requires the coding of each and every function separately so it eventually increases the efforts and time spent on coding the application.
  • Another advantage of jQuery over JavaScript is that jQuery efficiently handles and creates animation in the application while in case of JavaScript animations cannot be created. This de-limits the scope of using "JavaScript only" for development of web application.
  • If customization is concerned in an application, JavaScript is a better option over jQuery as its framework is already defined, developed and is rigid. The use of generic library functions may not be suitable as per the level of customization required in an app. JavaScript, on the other hand, can be customized according to the requirement as each function and module needs to be coded from the scratch and so provides an unlimited scope of customization.
In a conclusion it can be stated that only jQuery for web apps development is not possible since it's not a programming or scripting language and the selection of language i.e. either JavaScript only or JavaScript with jQuery, for development depends on the requirements, time and cost of development. -- Christa Joe is a keen blogger and enjoys reading and writing about the recent technology. Software development, Social media, mobile software development and mobile applications are some of her key area of interests. She's also a freelance writer and write for various software companies like Q3 technologies. Follow her at Google+. Source:

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Mp3 Music Search Engine - Download every song!

Really similar to MP3 files employ a somewhat loosened data structure. So that the supreme audio of your free MP3 file will not be actually the same just like that of its starting place. You can search for free mp3 downloads, as well as also achieve tracks vocals. At this time there tend to be tons of web sites that offer free MP3 for the audio fan. lt's possible you'll check out the latest music downloads, and discover free mp3 downloads.

These file sharing webpages allowed website visitors to share as well as download free mp3 music files coming from a great incredible number of connected usersglobal. Althoughthis technique isn't really[just isn't completely 100 % legal, shall we say. given that all just about all music is shielded simply by intercontinental copyright laws. The internet is truly practically crawling together with online websites that offer free MP3 downloads.

Nevertheless, it's critical that you just download MP3 music information by law, otherwise you could find y our self in_a difficult legal scenario, experiencing strict penalties and fees as well as fines for your activities. The percentage of people that obtained popular music is waybigger among the group who download MP3 files (55.7%) compared to among those who do not thirty eight.

You'll want to listen to music, sip a glass or two and try the talent. Take heed to songs, research music artists you could possibly like, others with the exact same music choice, gigs close to your home, plus more often that not there's a service which will certainly maintain track of what music you take heed to, after which create numerous attributes personalised in your requirements. You should utilize one of the numerous sites on the internet so as to take heed to music, discover out about artists it's possible you'll like, different folks with comparable music style, gigs in your local space, charts and quilts in your personal site, in addition to a lot more. -- Nicest check in the Net. Visit my website about clip now. Source:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Using SQL Server Express With ASP.NET

Microsoft SQL server is relational database server software that is designed to store and retrieve data as requested by different software applications. These applications may run on the same computers or different computers included in thesecure network of developers. There are many versions of SQL servers, but SQL Server Express provides a simple solution for building applications. The complete SQL server programming model supports the SQL Server Express. When developing development should note that stored procedures, views, triggers, CLR (runtime) integration and XML (extensible markup language) data is compatible.

To connect to the SQL Server Express database is simple. Just connect as you would to any server by specifying the database server as the SQL Server Express data source. Connecting the SQL Server Express database by using a file name will simplify retrieving your database without complications.A SQL Server Express database can be created by connecting to any computer tht is running the SQLServer Express and clicking "create database," or you can use the management tools included with the server.

ASP.NET is a convenient option for developers to storedata in the directory of a web application. Using an ASP.NET feature, SqlDataSource control or the providers for membership, roles, user profiles, or personalization will automatically substitute the file path and provide you with variables when opening connections to your data base. The path of your database will always remain current if your application is moved to a different directory.

When setting up the SQL Server Express Database developers will find that the visual web developer provides the tools needed to create a SQL Server Express database, manage the database, and control connections to the database. Use the server explorer windows to access capabilities.

User instances are supported by SQLServer Express. For development this means that a new process will be started for each user that connects to the server database. The server will identify the user that opened the connection and the ASP.NET application can also be identified and accessed.User instances are suitable fordesktopdevelopment utilizing one user, but multiple users and hosting sites for multiple users is not recommended. ASP.NET security applications may need to be disconnected by developers' if applications and users that do not trust each other or are on different networks is apparent.

The SQL Server Express database includes two files. These are the .mdf file which is the database scheme and data, and the .idf file which holds the log information for the database. If development uses a Copy Web Site, the SQL Server Express database will enable developers to copy applications and data to a target server that uses XCopy or FTP. development is also able to copy an empty SQL Server Express database. developers can use scripts that can run in the target database and duplicate from the development database.

Again, the security in our SQL Server Express data base will not copy to multiple sites that do not trust each other. This is to ensure that your data is not exposed to non-secure sites and users. Always copy your encrypted passwords and security solutions to your target server when moving from SQL Server Express.
-- For More Info:- ASP.Net Development | .Net Development

ASP.NET Development - Why Developers Prefer for Web Development

ASP.Net is a scripting language and web application development framework which combination of Active Server Pages. It is widely used to develop dynamic websites, web applications and web services with reliable and excellent features & function. It Provide powerful web application platforms that allows developers to create any kind of enterprise web application and individual websites.

ASP.NET provides a very flexible interface coding mechanism for website development. ASP.Net development provides complete web based programming solutions and services. ASP.Net development codes automatically configure the information and display result it on your web pages. ASP.Net has lots of features and functionality that show why it is more popular for developers. Using these Functionality, They are able to develop software applications, mobile games application, product based application, ecommerce application, shopping cart Application and much more. Here mentioned some significant benefits that show why Developers Prefer ASP.NET for web development.

Significant Factor of ASP.NET Development:
• ASP.NET Provide Flexibility to view in any browser
• It Allow facilities to edit, manage and add web content & Pages
• You can access any data and return the results to a browser
• It provide high security for web pages
• It provide mobile controls and Automatic input validation
• It provides better memory leak management
• ASP.Net provides multi-language support by using .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)
• It supports ADO.NET, so you can access various database such as Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle
• Its mechanism offer separation between UI and code.
• Early binding, caching services, JIT compilation and native optimization supports offer high level of performance
• It allows smooth expansion development to gather the needs of the business
• No lengthy and complex procedures required for the particular development

Thus, ASP.Net plays vital role in the web development. Nowadays, many offshore companies providing ASP.NET development services are in great demand because of it provide excellent features and wide range of web development solution. It provides major functionality, more flexibility and effective security for web development. If you want to develop enterprise web application or Personal website then you should find ASP.NET Development Company or Hire ASP.NET Web developers who are provide Professional and High-end Web Development solution at most affordable cost. They offer quality ASP.NET web Development services as per your needs in given time period.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Logistics Custom Extensions and Programming Tools

Formerly this Corporate ERP application was known as Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise. Microsoft Dynamics GP is good platform for Distributions, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, Consignment functionality. Plus it is open for external SCM and WMS applications via such technologies as Integration Manager, eConnect, Microsoft Dexterity, Modifier with VBA scripting, Microsoft Visual Studio libraries (often in combination with light Dexterity programming), direct ODBC connection to Dynamics GP company tables and via SQL Stored Procedures....M O R E

Microsoft Dynamics GP Logistics Custom Extensions and Programming Tools

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Free Online SQL Tutorial

If you're looking for an online SQL tutorial here's the place for you...

SQL -- pronounced sequel -- stands for Structured Query Language. It is the language used to access data stored in a SQL database. With SQL, you can query your database in a variety of ways, using English-like statements....more

 Click Here:  SQL Online Tutorial

Friday, April 5, 2013

Debug XML Documents

How to find out where is the problem with your XML document?

Find it out here: C L I C K

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

PHP-Parsing an XML Document

PHP 5's new SimpleXML module makes parsing an XML document, well, simple. It turns an XML documentinto an object that provides structured access to the XML.

To create a SimpleXML object from an XML document stored in a string, pass the string to simplexml_load_string( ). It returns a SimpleXML object. In Example 11-3, $channel holds XML that represents the part of an RSS 0.91 feed....M O R E

source: articlealley

SQL Server Business Intelligence Presentation

Business Intelligence from a technical point of view involves identifying business data which help to answer decision related questions and then extracting, transforming and loading the data into useful for analysis format (data warehouse). Once data is inside the data warehouse (or/and OLAP cube) business people can answers to help them make the right decisions.

T-SQL Tutorial
Welcome to our T-SQL Tutorial for beginners and everyone else. Let me warn you at the beginning that this tutorial is different comparing to most T-SQL Tutorials. Most of the articles you will find here will be very short and describe specific query (question). So in here we won't be focusing on explaining T-SQL (at least not yet) but we will focus on giving you practical examples for common queries or things that you should commonly use

ssrs interview questions
SQL Server Reporting Services skills are required in more and more IT Developer Jobs so if you need to interview someone with SSRS skills and you do not know much about the tool itself than it is worth knowing what are good SSRS Interview questions and answers. Currently I just prepared not very structured questions but later on I will try to structure them so you can ask basic junior questions for junior positions and senior questions for senior positions. These are Developer related question and are not so much applicable for DBA roles and they are not necessarily commonly asked questions.

ssis interview questions
If you need to interview someone with SSIS skills and you do not know much about the tool itself than it is worth knowing what are good SSIS Interview questions and answers to ask. Currently I just put questions and answers but later on I will try to structure them so you can ask basic junior questions for junior positions and senior questions for senior positions.

SQL Server Denali Release Date
Microsoft SQL Server Denali official Release Date is currently (May 2011) not known but CTP1 (open beta testing v1) has been released in November 2010 and CTP2 is expected to be released soon (June 2011?). Therefore we might expect that the final version will be released before end of 2011. I will update this blog with true / final release date when it is made public by Microsoft.

Create ssis package
If you are new to SSIS and would like to create your first SSIS package then below is a simple example with step by step instructions which will show you how to create an SSIS package in bids. I will use SQL Server Integration Services 2008 R2 and Visual Studio 2008 (instructions should be very similar for 2008 and 2005). This tutorial is for beginners and will not be following best practise which includes using variables and package configuration. At the end of tutorial I will post extra materials (once I create them) which will include best practise and package deployment.
My forte are SQL Server Reporting Services enhanced with PROPER Data Visualization, Integration and Analysis Services enhanced with Kimball Data Warehouse Designs, T-SQL Querying/Programming and MDX querying.

Please click the following link for more information about Business Intelligence or SQL Server Business Intelligence

My aim is to be like SQL Server: reliable, efficent and affordable. Apart from behaving like computer software I enjoy analysing data, solving "problems" and efficiently visualize data based on the key factor...purpose. I decided to be SQL BI contractor because it fits me life style... It is dynamic, challenging and results focused; which is what I enjoy most. Check it out also for create ssis package and T-SQL Tutorial

Quackit Webmaster Tutorials

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Liferay Portal Development And Open Source Enterprise CMS

World's leading open source enterprise portal solution is Liferay portal development that uses the latest Java and web 2.0technology.

Liferay portal runs on all major databases, application servers and operating system and is also available on business friendly MIT- License.

Liferay services offered by different organizations are software programming services & web designs, which includes Liferay portal design by expert Liferay developers.

The programming staff of many organizations is skilled in configuring Liferay portal framework and using available tools to meet client requirements. Popular protocols, frameworks, content management software and platforms including java, PHP, drupal, dot NET, joomla, share point, JBoss and others are based on cross platform technical skills that are available in simple interactive database solution designs to complex network management systems.

Liferay portal development
expertise in-

• Security and access rights management
• Login and user management
• Workflow management
• Lucene search engine
• E commerce tools
• Open source enterprise CMS
• Secure single sign on implementation
• Calendar and event management
• Collaboration tools, e.g. community, forums, wiki, polls, blogs
• Design and development of SOA based development
• Custom portlet development (struts and JSF portlets)

Regarding CMS, the organizations have skillful understanding in outsourcing industry and within spectrum of objectives. Open source enterprise CMS is offered, so that the return on investment for the clients is maximized in the most cost effective way.

The enterprise content management solution focuses on mapping the soul business objectives with strategies.

Long term relevance for open source enterprise CMS is offered, so the clients can relax and enjoy a leading edge in the competitive market.

Many organizations cover a large area and gives distinctive business models with factors of flexibility, scalability and transparency. There are following services offered by many organizations like-

• Knowledge of product engineering: A complete understanding of the benefits which are quantifiable and can be achieved from a specific set of solutions for any given domain
• Quantifiable value is delivered by using the leadership across the outsourcing business area and the global projects.
• Process competency giving coverage to service methodologies and intellectual properties.
• Flexibility of the application along with complete customization and standardization required for the purpose of consolidation.
• Delivery based on next generation tools and technology.

The platform of Microsoft .Net, many organizations provides services to mechanize the business using document management solutions besides work flow.

This helps not only in greater transparency between customers, business partners and suppliers but also increases the return on investment and reduces operational loss. Various enterprise solutions are offered to the clients by many organizations.
-- If you want to know more about outsource software development or Kentico CMS, then please visit our site Source:

Online Music Download: go for it

There are websites in the web which serve the users with the chance to download their favorite things that they are in love with like those songs and the books. These websites are the main reason for the piracy industries also and so at many places these websites are getting banned. But, still people are getting them downloaded from different servers. These free download websites are the main reason for the popularity of various songs as well as books also. They are the one who makes them famous among the public. There are websites which also provide the users with the chance to download free scripts. These users can be anyone and doesn't need any kind of specialization over the internet using so that they can have the free download of the materials that are available over the internet for the free download including the Download Free Scripts.

The free music downloads online websites are there for the download of the music that you have always cherished. The music can be of different variety. They can be the just released ones or can be from the days of your grandpa, the music which you have grown up with or may be the classical instrumentals played by the maestros of the music. These Free Music Downloads Online websites are in very real terms free. The websites just doesn't need any kind of money in the download as well as doesn't involve any secret costs like the subscription, newsletters and all that from them to download the music. You just have to log in and go to the website, search the song or album that you want to download and click the download button.

About the download of free e-books these are for those who are fond of books as well s for those who need the books for various reasons. The free e-book downloads are available for those management books as well which are needed by the students and profs. The user downloads free E books from these websites for free as well as gets them in their device. After the successful downloads free E books, the user can read them from their device without the need of anything special. -- For free downloading options visit and Free Music Downloads Online, Download Free Scripts, Downloads Free E Books and many more. Source: