Friday, May 31, 2013

Qualities of Good Software Developer

Similar to any other domain of aesthetics, Software Engineering is also an art of transforming the requirements of a user into an automated program. The customized program can then abstract all the technical processes behind a user interface window and compute the desired solution against the input provided by the user. However, for a software programmer or software developer, coding the application is not the actual job. A software developer assists in reducing the computing time that a user spends on any activity and if the coded program does not reduce it significantly, there is no use of developing software for that requirement. This difference creates a partition between a software developer and good software developer when a software program is coded according to the requirement of the end user and at the same time provides the best possible solution for the case. Various other practices which generally a good and successful software developer follows are:
  • A good software developer always plans before starting the coding operation. A proper planning is a mix of experience of the developer on coding and thinking about an optimum route to impart functionality for the application. A brief outline in the mind of developer helps in segmenting the task into small sub-tasks which become easy to develop.
  • Similar to the concept of defect clustering in software testing, in a developer's point of view similar tasks can be clubbed together so as to save the time of development due to repetitive operations. However, libraries assist in doing the same, but for tasks repeating at the project level, grouping together of those modules or tasks is a great technique to remove the redundancy in efforts.
  • Code optimization is highly recommended for a high performance software product. Execution speed, Memory consumption, size of executable, remote service access etc. are some measuring metrics of an optimized code. The value of each parameter as "high" or "low" is crucially important for the efficiency of a program and is dependent on the approach of software developer.
  • Testing the application, critically, is an integral practice of a successful software developer. Though a dedicated team or department is deployed for doing the same however, the unit level testing can still be conducted at developer's end. Cross checking the coded application for a better approach helps a developer to groom their skills in developing an application.
  • The operation of documenting the strategy and approach of development projects a more professional perspective of a developer's personality. Documentation includes adding the comments within the code and also in a separate document which assists the work of other developers in case the project is handed over to them.
Deleting the unused line of codes is a better solution over commenting them out as it reduces the unnecessary load on memory to load the part of code which would never be used for any functionality. This further optimizes the code and is advisable to developers. -- Christa Joe is a keen blogger and enjoys reading and writing about the recent technology like Big data. Software development, Social media, mobile software development and smartphone applications are some of her key area of interests. She's also a freelance writer and write for various companies like Q3 technologies. Follow her at Twitter. Source:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Call Your Family And Friends For Free Anytime! Anywhere! On Any Mobile Device Or PC

How would you like to have a free calls as well as send your friends and family a free  messages, anytime and anywhere? This  Japanese based  apps is getting more and more  popular today. More and more people are now using it today to call and send free messages on any mobile device or PC.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Qualities of the Best Software for Carbon Trade

There are several software applications that can be used for carbon trade. The software assist in the automation of the trade. They ensure that the trade is safe and efficient. You can also get a reliable and highly accurate trading platform. This eliminates chances of errors while trading. The software applications are available from a number of companies. It is always imperative that you search for the best software application. This will ensure that you get a fast return on your investment. The software should be easy to get and also affordable. The following are the various qualities of the best carbon trade software.

Safe and secure

The best software application should always guarantee your safety and security. Your company information should always be safeguarded by the software. The information should never be passed to another party. The software application should come with a wide variety of safety measures. It should feature the secure socket layer. This will guarantee that the carbon trade software is safeguarded from hackers and unscrupulous traders. The software should be capable of informing you about any unauthorized access. It should offer coded access to the trading platform.


It is also essential to ascertain that the carbon trade is always available. The software application should be reliable and operate whenever need be. It should always be up and running in order to avoid unnecessary losses. The software should also get instant maintenance whenever it develops a problem. The company providing the software should always be available to assist you in case you experience a problem. It is always prudent to search for an energy software development company that provides 24/7 customer support services. This will reduce the downtime and thus enhance your profitability.


You should also search for an energy trading application that is always efficient. It should provide the required output whenever needed. It should also offer accurate and reliable data whenever requested. The software application should provide you with a quick and efficient mode of trading. It should always load fast and provide real time trading. This assures you of getting a true reflection of the market. You are also able to assess the market forces in real time. This enhances the carbon trade and makes it extremely profitable. You are also able to take appropriate measures to avoid accelerated losses.

Easy to use

The best carbon trade software should also be easy to use. It should be easily operated even by a person without advanced computer skills. The orientation should also be simple and straightforward. You should be certain that all your employees will adopt to the software application. The provider of the software should also offer a manual on how to operate it. They should always assist new clients to get acquainted with the software. The company should also integrate various features that will enable you to get in and out of the trade whenever needed. This will ensure that the carbon trade does not lead you into excessive losses. -- Jerry Anderson is the author of this article on CarbonTrade Software.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

AppleScripts for Mac developers

Application development is considered in almost every industry type due to the high quality and efficiency of work obtained through it. With technology improving, different domains of this software services industry, has been introduced providing a varied range of platforms for deploying applications. One of the most appealing platform, quite popular among the users as well as developers nowadays is Apple' Mac OS. Mac OS is the proprietary operating system of Apple, Inc. based on Unix but with more elegant and smooth visuals. AppleScripts are used by the Mac developers to stimulate the automation operations between different applications and within the system as well. However, being limited only to Mac doesn't limit the utility of this scripting language since Unix developers can also use AppleScripts for Unix programming. Various other advantages of using AppleScripts are:
  • Natural-language syntax: Syntax for scripting in AppleScript is very much similar to conventional English language. This makes it easy for developers to perform their operations.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks: Repetitive tasks like renaming a file, retrieving a file or copying a file from/to a server can be scheduled automatically. This allows users to focus on other operations while AppleScript performs these operations in the background.
  • Inter-application processing: Capabilities to process the operations between the applications can be automated using AppleScript. Scripts so written can trigger the actions according to the functionality required and setup a communication mechanism between different applications to improve the overall productivity and utility of the system.
  • Compatibility with other programming languages: AppleScript can virtually be bridged with any programming language to provide service and support for modules and improved functionality. AppleScripts can be mixed with the code of other programming language to induce advanced functionality of the program.
  • Batch Processing capabilities: AppleScript supports for the batch processing which means it can prepare a batch or a group of processes to be executed and then execute them in a batch-wise order. This saves the processor from unnecessary processing and thus saves memory allocation, which can be used by other processes constructively.
As Mac OS is based on a Unix kernel, various Unix-related operations can also be embedded inside the AppleScript and vice-versa, to interfere with the system functionality and boost its performance. Moreover, AppleScript does not have any strict rule to follow related to semi-colon, comma etc. and is non case-sensitive. Local dialect support is another added advantage in this scripting language, so scripts can be written in French, German or English any language a programmer wants to use. -- Christa Joe is the author of this article. She has been writing articles for various Software product development companies like Q3 technologies. Moreover, she has been providing useful content writing material related to java software development. Source:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

JavaScript vs jQuery: Which one is better?

The concept of web application was introduced after various development platform like php, JavaScript were involved in the web development practices. These languages provide a more interactive platform to a website and impart some additional functionality for data processing. This shifted the trend of web development from developing just a website to a more complex web application. To develop efficient web apps, two major platforms called JavaScript and jQuery have become quite popular among the developers because of the ease of development and efficiency in the app they provide.
  • JavaScript is a scripting language which is embedded into the HTML code of an application to provide a more interactive look to a website. It's a light weighted language so it doesn't hurt the performance of the application with the introduction of extra lines of code.
  • jQuery, on the other hand, is not a language, but a framework of routine modules developed in JavaScript, which can be included in the code of the application like a library. This framework reduces the overall lines of code by providing the in-built set of functions for routine tasks of an application.
However, a key point to notice here is that jQuery is an extended framework or set of libraries so it cannot exist on its own. This means that an application can be developed only with JavaScript or with JavaScript and jQuery. No application can be developed using jQuery alone since there will be no calling element for the functions of jQuery and most importantly, jQuery is neither a programming language nor a scripting language.

  • While JavaScript is light-weighted and doesn't really overload the processing and eventually the performance of the application, on the other hand using jQuery unnecessarily inside the code, increases the size of the application. The impact on performance could be low at the module level but as the size of the application increases the overall impact of the size is experienced on the performance of the app.
  • Although library files of jQuery may increase the load on the network, it simplifies the task of coding the application by reducing the number of lines of code. This minimizes the efforts of the developer in coding the routine tasks for additional features and assists them by simply including the file of the jQuery library for doing the same task with minimum amount of code. On the contrary, JavaScript requires the coding of each and every function separately so it eventually increases the efforts and time spent on coding the application.
  • Another advantage of jQuery over JavaScript is that jQuery efficiently handles and creates animation in the application while in case of JavaScript animations cannot be created. This de-limits the scope of using "JavaScript only" for development of web application.
  • If customization is concerned in an application, JavaScript is a better option over jQuery as its framework is already defined, developed and is rigid. The use of generic library functions may not be suitable as per the level of customization required in an app. JavaScript, on the other hand, can be customized according to the requirement as each function and module needs to be coded from the scratch and so provides an unlimited scope of customization.
In a conclusion it can be stated that only jQuery for web apps development is not possible since it's not a programming or scripting language and the selection of language i.e. either JavaScript only or JavaScript with jQuery, for development depends on the requirements, time and cost of development. -- Christa Joe is a keen blogger and enjoys reading and writing about the recent technology. Software development, Social media, mobile software development and mobile applications are some of her key area of interests. She's also a freelance writer and write for various software companies like Q3 technologies. Follow her at Google+. Source:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

How This Device Can Boost Sales of Any Business | How Life Works

On a recent trip to a convention in San Diego, something exciting happened.
I bought a T-shirt from a vendor, handed over my credit card, and instead of using a regular card reader, the seller pulled out a smart phone with an oval device plugged in the audio jack. He quickly swiped my card through it, handed it back along with his phone, had me sign on the screen using my finger, and asked me to enter my email or cell phone number if I needed a receipt—all that, in a matter of seconds...M O R E

How This Device Can Boost Sales of Any Business | How Life Works

How to Make Free International Calls on Your Cell Phone | How Life Works

If you have friends, family, and business associates overseas that you talk to, you know it’s not cheap.  Most phone plans have hefty charges for international calling, so staying in touch can leave you with a fat bill at the end of the month.  You can try using phone cards, but the savings are not always impressive, and it can be a hassle to deal with all those PIN numbers....M O R E

How to Make Free International Calls on Your Cell Phone | How Life Works

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sing Songs and Make Music Videos Online for Free

Among the coolest new things happening on the internet, the site features as a prominent entry. It is a website that allows you to sing online and share it with other people. The idea is very simple but it is very smart. You just plug in the regular microphone you use for chatting onto your computer and use it for singing and recording songs online.

You can then share it with family, friends and the people on your Facebook friend list and even with the strangers. The site allows you that. You could also use your webcam to shoot videos as you sing and make music videos online. There is also a multitude of other things that the site allows you to do - like singing karaoke online or creating parodies of any song or even editing lyrics. And the best part is that all these come absolutely free. provides a place to anybody who is musically inclined to express himself or herself online. The site is the brainchild of two friends who began to work together while they were still students. The scope of the project is vast. It allows the user to record his or her voice online and thus is good news for any budding musician since he or she gets a space from which they can make themselves heard. The user is also allowed the option of recording music videos online and the link to YouTube included within the main page permits the user to upload his video on Singbre from YouTube with just one click.

Alternatively, one can just spend time on the net having fun. Singbre has a full-screen possibility suited to play karaoke on bimer or big TV placed in the living room. It therefore provides a mode of entertainment for the complete family. He/she can also consider changing lyrics of popular songs and adapting them to his or her liking for fun. Making parodies is also another fun thing that one can do. And once people begin sharing these things with their friends, they get to play an entertainer within their social circles. And if not these, then the user can just practice free singing online simply for the sake of it. is definitely going to be an internet phenomenon in the coming years. The range and scope of the website and the activities that are available for the users are so vast that it has the potential of keeping people hooked for hours. It offers you a facility of embedding content in your website as it allow adding singbre player in your website. The user is bound to get attracted to this website as the site is so engrossing. Also, unbelievably the site gives free access and does not charge the user anything for using the facilities. Websites that are designed so perfectly are found rarely and when these are found, it doesn't get any better than
-- Sing songs online for free using your microphone. Make karaoke online using your webcam. Over our instrumental music you will be able to sing and record karaoke videos of yourself online. For more information please visit: sing online Source:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Free Download Steel Fabrication Estimating Software

If you are not an engineer or never had any experience in steel fabrication estimates and you wish to enter into steel fabrication business  perhaps you need to check this out...

MEI Steel Estimating Software is a powerful, yet easy to use, tool for estimating the costs associated withsteel fabrication projects. We're confident this product represents a cost-effective solution to your estimating needs. But don't just take our word for it, check out the tutorial area and learn more about the estimating process. There you can browse self-guided tutorials of the software, download a guided tour, or review the Users Guide. Then try a fully-functional evaluation copy of the software and see how quick and easy estimating steel projects can be....M O R E


Monday, May 6, 2013

Which SMS Process is Trendier Modern or Traditional?

With more and more text, messaging apps coming up people are drifting away from the traditional SMS services. They find messaging apps easier compared to other SMS services for sending out texts. The free messaging options these days are very easily available on cell phones. Thus, allowing people to use cell phone keypads other than keyboards for sending messages, pictures and important files. The many instant messaging applications lets users contact each other easily without spending a penny. With the latest developments, people use the internet to make free calls all around the world. Apart from the instant messaging applications, there are these software pieces available these days that allows users to make free calls and messages via internet with the help of Wi-Fi or 3G.

They can do this with the help of their cell phones. These software pieces are very easily available for download from the online application stores where users need to register their phone numbers and on receiving the authentication code on their phone, the phone will automatically start searching for friends from the address book who are using this similar kind of application. Just with simple operations, users are able to make calls and send messages. A few smart phones these days have inbuilt instant messaging apps to make communication simple. The ChatOn service is one that is available in the latest Samsung phones for chatting purpose. Many domestic firms too have come up with software pieces that allow chatting and sending SMS via internet.

In the year 2012 FTP, introduced an app called as the FTP chat that had amazing features for people using FTP's models. With that app, users could easily chat, send- receive images, audio and video files and many more. Just last month the company once aging launched a FTP chat mobile phone model having dual sim, large touch screen and QWERTY keypad. This made them take communication to a higher level. The VGN Company again launched an app called Zalo that users could use to connect with their buddies, Zing was preferred for using Zalo. Though many modern procedures like these have come up people too can use traditional methods.

While comparing the traditional and modern methods, we can say that both are good and useful in their own ways. The traditional method had people texting from mobile to mobile while the modern method has texting via phone to phone with internet. Both the ways lead to consumption of money. One cannot just debate on which is the best but if one certainly needs to send messages in cheap rate, they can opt for the many websites on the internet that offer the free SMS services.
-- The author loves exploring and writing articles on random topics. Currently she is writing for an entertainment website that offers free SMS services, chat, games, Bollywood gossips and many more. Source:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three Recommended Utility Apps for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are fun to use because of the apps available to users. Otherwise, the novelty of a smartphone may soon wear off without the variety of games, videos, social apps, and utility programs. Users prefer to download mobile apps for social games and video streaming rather than utilities for keeping their units running smoothly and protected from virus attacks. However, the conscientious mobile user knows what kind of utility apps to install. The following are just a few of the most recommended utility applications for mobile phones and tablets.
Phone Security Apps
Most units already come with built-in security features, such as a password-protected screen lock. Manufacturers have also included a GPS tracker in case the device gets stolen and the thief somehow successfully broke through the screen lock and the system's PIN protection. With a remote connection to the phone, the owner can easily delete all the images, videos, messages, notes, and other sensitive personal information stored in the device. The owner can also lock down the device and track its location, which leads to a quicker discovery of the thief.
System Monitoring Apps
Security isn't the only top priority of a phone owner. Monitoring its performance, especially the storage space and network's signal strength, is important, too. The information that monitoring apps provide helps phone owners make decisions, such as the kind of games to download and install and the number of eBooks, videos, and songs to retain in the media storage. Apps that check the phone's battery life also help. They may even optimize the system by tagging the programs that use up too much memory or those applications that drain the battery. Phone owners have the choice to shut down the inefficient apps and replace them with more lightweight mobile software.
Desktop Management Software
Most devices also come with an installer for their desktop software, which manages the phone's media files and transfers them from the computer to the phone without a problem. The software also backs up all contacts and messages from the phone and keeps a protected folder of the cloned information. The phone may connect to the desktop program through a USB cable and via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to transmit data over the air securely. Aside from file management features, this desktop tool also offers password security for sensitive media files, such as intimate images and videos intended for private use.
Tablets may need applications that allow users to create, edit and manage their documents in the same way that they worked with their laptops or desktop computers. Despite having wider screens, smartphones still can't compete with tablets in giving writers a convenient method of working outside their homes without bringing along a bulky laptop or notebook.
Leila B writes for Gadget Tech Info, which publishes news updates and useful tips about consumer electronics and important applications like Blackberry Link, which connects BB10 phones with laptops or desktop PCs for file transfers and contacts management.

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