Sunday, July 28, 2013

BYOD: Current IT trend

People working in corporates have an ample availability of IT resources these days which is why they have high-level of expectations for automated operations of these resources and its seamless connectivity with inter-network. With the introduction of enterprise applications, these expectations are met, in order to improve the overall productivity. One such advancement of a concept related to IT resources is the concept of BYOD or bring-your-own-device. It is one of the upcoming business policies which allows its workforce to bring-in their personal gadgets and devices inside the premises of organization and include them in their working areas. In contrast with the past concept of using organizational IT infrastructure services, this concept aims at improving the overall capabilities of an organization as well as workforce. The open attitude for data privacy and control and standardization policies of a business, displays a more mature outlook of technology. BYOD is an umbrella term which encompasses a broader range of devices such as smart-phones, tablets, PDAs etc. These personal gadgets can be used for deploying simple mobility applications as well as for complex financial applications to support enterprise mobility. Successful deployment of BYOD policy results in high level of productivity from the workforce and boosts the growth rate of an organization. Various advantages which surface out on deploying a BYOD policy are:
  • Cost effectiveness: Businesses get the advantage to save their cost on investments made in purchasing these IT resources for each employee. The maintenance contracts can also be removed and the only major cost incurred is of configuring the device with company's LAN. Other minor costs include purchasing the license of an application etc or any other hardware component upgradation.
  • User-friendliness: As each user is working with their personal device, they would already be used to it and would know how to operate it smoothly without any training on the device. This again saves another chunk of investment on training and keeps users dedicated in their device, improving their productivity.
  • Process-time: Employees using personal devices for professional use, can work after-hours for dealing with basic tasks, like email responding, attending video conferences etc. This allows them to concentrate more on work during working hours and effectively reduces the average processing time of different tasks.
Moreover, BYOD gives freedom to the employees to choose a device of their own choice depending on their working requirements and their working style. Workers can use these devices to access enterprise applications at anytime, anywhere without compromising with the security policies of the organization's infrastructure. -- Christa Joe is the author of this article. She has been writing articles for cloud computing company like Q3 Technologies. Moreover, she has been providing useful content writing material related to mobile app development.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vastness of Joomla Content Management System

In the row of content management systems, Joomla is having very promising position! Content management includes managing, editing, deleting, publishing the content in the organized fashion. Main task of the content management system is to store, control and publish the certain data or information such as articles, news, technical manuals, marketing brochures, etc.

Joomla is revolutionary and award winning product of the open source systems and widely used by the website developers for the development and mending the websites.

By the optimum utilization of Joomla open source product, content of the websites can be managed in productive way as it helps in enhancing the presentation style by adding more features and add ons. Joomla usage helps in providing more professional look to website and enhances the visualization. In the context of website content Joomla helps in addition of galleries, blogs, articles, forums and shopping carts as well as it helps in organizing the content in the form of sections and categories. For the data storage Joomla uses mySQL database.

There are various deciding factors for the popularity of the Joomla content management system such as smooth front end interface and functional & easy to use administrative panel; it provides (high level security, flexibility, scalability and modular architecture), active community for the global users, free availability without licensing fees and wide range of plug-ins & commercial modules.

Joomla is the best avenue opened by the open source developing community for the implementation of creativity with perfect tools such as freely available Joomla templates on the internet.

Anybody can use pre-made Joomla templates which are available for free on the internet for making customized changes. It is the best way of converting the creativity into beautiful presentation on the internet with total control and management. All over the world developers and non professional users of IT products are easily making dynamic websites without any knowledge of technical stuff (code) in developing websites.

For the development of new websites and mending or upgrading of old websites, Joomla templates are best solution and insertion of additional pages, audio-video, text editing & addition, picture and menus. Moreover, it allows using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to generate layouts without use of tables, which helps in easy maintenance and fast loading of website.

Joomla is serving thousands of world web users with its pre-made templates and these templates are cheap, exclusive and most convincing factor of popularity is Joomla templates are FREE. -- Hidden Brains has been in the Industry since 2003 and provided solution using languages like PHP/MySQL & ASP.Net Application Framework. For more details please refer this Source:

Finding out about SAP Coaching Courses

SAP is really a should training today if any individual intends succeeding in the IT sector simply because the engineering is expanding at a fast speed and every technologies by some means has its roots in the SAP teaching. A number of the really standard SAP teaching recommendations are:

. Introduction: It truly is essential for much better comprehension of any topic and gives a route strategy to a sound SAP coaching.

. SAP Details: Certainly one particular can only prosper in the area of IT if he's well conversant together with the SAP details and figures.

. SAP background: With no a proper knowledge of the subject history a single just isn't predicted to achieve the specified final results.

. SAP performing: One must know the precise and correct operating with the SAP techniques which might be essential to become then carried out while in the practical area of IT.

. SAP report: Examination of the report is actually a significant step in direction of attaining an audio training and when you are not very good at it then it could impact your functionality in the SAP teaching itself.

Due to the actually increasing reputation from the SAP, the world's largest ERM software program, several on the web SAP training programs have developed over the past few decades. Every aspiring individual with the IT aptitude can avail the facility of online SAP programs. You can find a lot of SAP instruction courses accessible on-line to learn SAP. SAP has 3 proficiency certification levels which incorporate the associate/basic, professional and master levels.

SAP consulting specifications is currently being coated within the associate certification plan and also contains various examinations on SAP answers, information and proficiency skills. Whereas the skilled efficiency degree needs 1 to have sufficient task knowledge. This degree also needs an intensive comprehending in the SAP options plus a broad information in business processes. Nevertheless, the toughest and also the most difficult degree is however to arrive; the grasp stage which needs specific expertise on particular SAP factors and excellent knowledge with SAP reside projects.

However, to just take any in the SAP certification exam you have to 1st undertake a SAP training training course. You will find numerous methods by which you are able to get SAP coaching i.e. attending lectures, seminars and even reading the books/e-books but no this kind of technique may be an alternative to getting SAP interactive simulation programs on-line therefore growing your odds of passing the SAP certification exams and upgrading your SAP proficiency degree. Mastering the SAP programs is likely to make you probably the most chosen and favorite option applicant in any effectively having to pay occupation interviews. Undertaking such SAP courses signifies you might easily produce a SAP manager or possibly a SAP consultant. Businesses today are usually around the lookout to finding a SAP qualified applicant and if you might be a SAP accredited candidate you are going to have a huge variety of job possibilities available for you to select from. -- learn more on sap abap tutorial or sap badi tutorial. Source:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Major Aspects of Using Effective SharePoint Services

SharePoint has become a major part of business enterprises across the globe. It shortens the communication cycle between managers, customers and team members. Today, several companies are using an effective combination of all the available tools within SharePoint to develop dynamic web sites. With the help of these business websites, they can share documents, useful information, data and knowledge with anyone else in the loop. The main purpose of SharePoint application development is to improve business productivity and efficiency by way of bringing transparency into the system.

The latest version of SharePoint is popularly known as enterprise information portal, which allows users to share useful data and information on various platforms including internet, intranet and extra-net in an efficient way. It is closely associated with Microsoft Office, offers comprehensive reporting and customized solutions to the users. It provides a collaborative system to share various kinds of data between the users. With the help of cloud functionality, team members can collaborate on a specific projects, share useful data and knowledge at a single point.

Key Aspects of Share Point Services:

Flexibility and Straightforward Execution:
SharePoint is a more flexible, allows businesses to incorporate new acquisitions by avoiding time and cost. You can hire affordable services from a reputable firm to execute your ideas and control the entire workflow in a systematic way. These services allow users to control SharePoint setting effectively.

Effective Collaboration Improve Productivity:
It provides an effective collaborative system to the team members. Experts offer the best and valuable SharePoint services by providing cost-effective and time-saving ways to improve productivity. The flexible user management system manages the entire workflow of companies and responds to new opportunities.

Manage multiple Sites With detection of Defective Once:
It allows users to manage and create multiple websites of different projects. You can control security settings, manage auditing policies and store useful business data. Users can make significant changes in project work within organizations. With the help of excellent tools, developers give effective solutions for effective execution of project work.

Empower Communication Network and Individuals:
Users can quickly communicate with other connected members and project leaders. They can read and edit documents, task assignments and site lists. With the help of these services, users can receive alerts about document publishing and editing. The latest software allows developers to create business intelligence portals wherein users can store information from dashboards, web portals, key performance indicators and many more.

Indeed, connectivity is one of the greatest advantages of using SharePoint software. It provides a solid platform to connect the people in order to transfer data and information in a proper way. It is essential for corporations to train their workers to get better results through complete business processes. Several companies outsource their employees training in different training institutions. SharePoint support and services boost the business productivity by facilitating users to get approvals and review documents without implementation of any code. The systematic SharePoint development solution enables to store, send and receive data quite comfortably. -- The writer of this article is associated with SCMS, which is a leading IT firm. SCMS has been providing SharePoint application development to different sectors and is well known for offering SharePoint services with SharePoint support for business tasks. Source:

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Comparison between Java and C-SHARP

The article will explain the basic difference between Java and C-SHARP. As known to the developers who are little familiar with programming language family, Java is one of the most powerful software application development platform whereas C-SHARP works normally as a part of .net framework library. .net is one of the user friendly programming languages which allow .net developers to work with development ease.

Both Java and C-Sharp belongs to object oriented programming language. Both emphasize on object rather than function. Both of them support garbage collection so that developers don't need to free the memory occupied once the scope of program ends.

C-SHARP supports Deterministic disposal while Java doesn't support such functionality. More over Java doesn't support Object pinning (fixed to address throughout lifetime) whereas C-Sharp supports such functionality. Soft references are extensively supported by Java where C-SHARP doesn't support it.

C-SHARP allows pointer functionality which allows unsafe code to be included within the coding and on the different side Java doesn't support pointer or pointer arithmetic logic which makes it safer.

If we discuss about data types then, fixed-length strings are not there with Java but it is there in C-Sharp. Enumerations in Java are facilitating by objects, where C-Sharp provides conventional enumeration to the developers with expanded functionalities. Operator overloading is there with C-Sharp derived from C++ functionality where there is no such thing in Java.

Conditional compilation is there with C-Sharp while Java supports a uniform compilation procedure only.
-- Development article on difference between Java and C-Sharp for Java developers and .net developers. Source:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Sharepoint Training

Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies is a collection of products and software elements that include Internet Explorer based collaboration functions, process management modules, search modules and a document-management platform.
Microsoft Office SharePoint is one of the most powerful software packages for improving business performance. It has become quite popular because it helps to improve process efficiency without the requirement of extensive training beforehand. The suite supports a large number of programs and provides an effective content management platform for business use. It also streamlines different types of business applications and allows users to be more efficient in their routine functions. Many users are able to use this Server effectively and the platform allows for easier control of many business processes.

Microsoft Office SharePoint also enables its users to organize and edit their documents quickly and easily. Collaborative editing is also possible by using the applications available within the software. It also contains updated navigation features and the ability to search documents using different methods. There are a number of other applications available with the program like to do lists, contact.
management databases, workflow planning, discussion boards, and programmable alerts. This allows the user to manage the work process more effectively and efficiently. It can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office applications and can host a number of libraries effectively. Results have shown that the addition of this business platform to common applications has allowed employees to manage their documents more effectively and bring projects to completion at a much quicker rate.
This is an excellent way to provide high quality classroom instruction while reducing travel costs and time away from work. An expert in Sharepoint comes to you and sets up a training session at your facility, or sometimes at nearby facility such as a hotel conference room.
-- Rica Is Author of Article have 5 yr Experience with Microsoft Sharepoint. Source:

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Training for Microsoft MCITP Certification

Every student should very cautious about buying textbooks, study guides, practice test questions for computer training online for IT certifications (Microsoft, Comptia, MCDST, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, A +, MCPD, network Comptia, Comptia security, CCNA, CAN, CISCO, CIW and more) until you have read my publication: How to pass your information technology MCITP Certification exam! Free computer certification exam training, CIW, Microsoft, Comptia and all other Information Technology certifications are achieved by knowing the actual exam.

This book not only will prepare you for success but will save lots of money to buy the material unworkable or outdated computer education. This book is true in my experience take final assessments to obtain a certificate of the computer including Microsoft, and documents my successes and a costly failure. You can learn a lot from someone who's been there. The IT industry and other documentation for information technology are made aware what the real test is and maintain these truths. Lose your fear of taking the test and pass. Receive free IT training full review for a certificate of the computer.

You do need the confidence to pass and using a simple technique and study the relevant material that belongs to a real test you are taking. You need not try to memorize anything in your tutorial for approval consideration. We demonstrate a better way to keep the information you need to pass your test. It's simple and easy to do. You can have your certification in a short period of time. Accomplish this task in 3 weeks and you can too. Many people buy ebooks, study guides, test questions for practice and free computer training courses waiting approval or any other consideration of information technology only to find that the material who bought only covered some of the real exam. You can complete the required review with a high mark.

There are many to choose from that will help in the labor market. Do not waste your money on useless material (practice exam questions, textbooks, study guides or online computer training) or having to take the same final twice. My edocument will show you where to get the relevant material that belongs to a real test. But you let a certain anxiety that I experienced. The preparation of the review need not be difficult.

This ebook how to pass the certification examination for information technology is short, simple and easy to implement but contains all the knowledge you need to pass their certification of the computer with a high regard. We show proof of my actual review of accounts in this new publication. There are MCTS Certification questions of good and bad practice, textbooks and study guides. I have experience and know what material really works.

There are many knowledge base inquiries and online education available for those who are really interested. The information in my ebook will help all who are seeking an official certificate. The main objective is not to receive computer training, but their IT certification! In this I have successfully accomplished 4 of the certification exams with scores between 85 to 100%.

How many places do you know where you can get the schooling on how to pass your information technology certification exam. This kind of education is not the same as computer training. You will need knowledge of how to study for your certificate test and to know the proper study techniques because an IT assessment is not the same as the exams in school. You will also need to know where to get updated material about your computer certification test because if you have studying material that is outdated then you will not pass.

If your preparing for career change and looking for best Microsoft certification like Microsoft sharepoint, Microsoft CRM, MCTS Certification is the best online training provider that provide the all the and complete MCTS Certification in just one package, Actualkey self study training kits, save your money on bootcamps, training institutes, It's also save your traveling and time. All training materials are "Guaranteed" to pass your exams and get you certified on the fist attempt, due to best training Actualkey become no1 site.
-- About The Author
+Trina Smith is a professional Educational Consultant and helping the students to accomplish their home of over 100 free certification exam tutorials, including Cisco CCNA certification, MCITP Certification, Comptia a+ certification, MCSE test prep articles. Her exclusive Cisco CCNA study guide and Cisco CCNA training is also available.

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SharePoint Designer Workflow in a Nutshell

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So, What Is a Workflow Anyway?
Workflows are just what their name implies, flows of work. Think of any process where some set of actions are performed, such as buying an item in a store, taking a shower, filing a letter, or even dating someone special. All of these tasks are composed of tasks or states where some action or event is expected.

Let's take a look at one of them, buying an item in a store.

When you buy an item, you need to do the following:

1. Find the correct item.
2. Take the item to the counter.
3. Receive the price from the attendant.
4. Decide between using cash or using a credit card.

If using cash:
5a.1 Give appropriate amount to the attendant.
5a.2 Receive any change.
5a.3 Verify change.
5a.4 Pocket change.

If using a credit card:
5b.1 Give credit card to the attendant.
5b.2 Receive receipt for signature.
5b.3 Verify amount.
5b.4 Sign receipt.
5b.5 Return receipt to the attendant.

6. Put pen in pocket.
7. Retrieve item, and run before the attendant notices the missing pen.

Don't be fooled. This task may seem simple, but that's only because we do it so often it has become routine. Several of these steps require an amount of substeps, and any failure will need to be handled according to some set of rules.

A workflow structures such processes into manageable chunks called activities. Each activity performs one or more small operations, such as verifying an amount or stealing a pen, and the workflow makes sure that everything is done in order and handles exceptions to the regular flow.

Workflows in SharePoint
SharePoint integrates tightly with Windows Workflow Foundation, or WF, and workflow is an integral part of SharePoint.

By default, the free version of SharePoint, Windows SharePoint Services, include only a single simple workflow, the Three-state workflow. The more advanced, and for-purchase version of SharePoint, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, include more workflows, such as Approval workflow, Collect Signatures workflow, and Disposition Approval workflow.

However, the true power of workflow in SharePoint comes from being able to design specific workflows that can adapt to and support an organization's needs.

Businesses Needs Workflow
Most, if not all, businesses have business specific processes that will benefit from having at least some degree of automation. If nothing else, workflow enables organization to include auditing of business processes.

However, most businesses and organizations are also unique. Creating generic workflows that can be applied to many different organizations is difficult and not even desirable, because each organization works in different ways.

Not just that, but business processes change. Even if a business invests in custom developed workflow solutions, chances are, those solutions will require massive re-design frequently. Having a workflow solution that allows businesses to adapt their business processes as requirements change will greatly increase organization flexibility.

SharePoint Designer Workflow to the Rescue!
Perhaps the biggest advantage of developing workflows in SharePoint Designer is the ease of development. Most end users can create tailored workflows with just basic training. When business needs change, the same end users can adapt the workflows to support the changing needs.

A SharePoint Designer workflow workflow is an easy, cheap, and somewhat limited entry point to workflow development.

They're easy, because most end users and administrators can become workflow developers without too much training.

They're cheap, because both SPD and SharePoint are now free, and the learning curve is gentle.

They're somewhat limited, because, despite workarounds and extensibility, SharePoint Designer workflows are designed for ease of development and lack several of the more powerful options available in other workflow design products.

Despite these limitations, however, SharePoint Designer remains a very powerful option for:

- Organizations without specialized workflow programmers

- Organizations with frequently changing needs

- Organizations with limited budgets or high return on investment requirements

Where can I Learn SharePoint Designer Workflow
If you, or your organization, want to explore the powers of SharePoint Designer workflow, you have several options.

For online training, provides a free 5-part series of SharePoint Designer workflow videos. These videos will introduce you to developing SPD workflows, but also show some advanced features, such as looping and iterative SPD workflows.

Understanding SharePoint Journal also has several resources available on the newly launched website, including Issue 4 of the journal, titled SharePoint Designer Workflow.

Besides these options, Microsoft also has several videos and tutorials available at their site. Woody Windischman has also recently released a book, titled Professional Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 that includes a very good chapter on workflow as well.

-- Bjørn Furuknap is a Senior Developer and Architect, passionate writer, and a SharePointholic. Author of "Building the SharePoint User Experience" and editor/author for "Understanding SharePoint Journal". Source:

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All about android devices

Android and me is really a blog dedicated to anything associated with Android. Android and Me is an proven, unbiased voice which in turn features up to date Android news, Android phone reviews, Android tablet reviews, how-to's, along with news linked to the realm of Android. It's a website having a small folks of editors which have been technically knowledgeable as well as captivated with offering our dedicated reader base together with original content, good quality hands-on reviews, and work tirelessly each day to provide a distinctive standpoint on all in connection with the growing rapidly whole world of Android.

It's possible to run into loads of the best resource regarding Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Advice, and also Interviews together with mobile app developers and many others with Android and Me. In order for it to be quick it is one destination where you can come upon every little thing about android.

Android and Me provide the most precise, authoritive, unbiased, committed, in-depth testimonials for Android applications. We create app reviews to provide potential customers a shot before selecting or even downloading valued-added service without cost. Here at we try to assist you to appear sensible of all things Android. In addition to covering industry related news, publishing the way to guides, interviews and articles, furthermore delivers information about Android cell phone services and also plans by offering specifics of the top carriers in both america and Canada. It furthermore offer you facts about and review varied Android applications and accessories.

If you want to know the most up-to-date happening of android just all you have to perform is Sign up to the Rss Feed or perhaps Subscribe by Email and also Android and Me will definitely help you stay up to date around the latest News with regards to the Android operating system for mobiles, the Android Market, and funky tech gadgets. Additionally Android and Me surpass automated algorithms and offer a personal Android app recommendation service; we custom curate the list of best Android apps to suit your needs and your life-style. -- If you want to know about android news, android applications, android phones, read tutorials and tips and trics, visit Source: